A truly customer-centric approach

Our vision is to make good financial decisions simple for everyone. For this reason all our solutions start from the end-user. Together with our partners, we implement and distribute money management tools that truly empower their end-users, giving them more control over their personal finance.

Our smart toolbox for companies to leverage open banking

PFM solutions that users love

Helping users manage their finances first of all means offering them easy tools for doing so, tailored on their unique needs. We do this by continuously testing our solutions with the end-users. We learn directly from their needs, so that we can offer propositions with high engagement and high retention to our partners. This is how we help them be more relevant for their users.

Our services can be easily integrated in existing services or are available as full white-label app.

An open banking SDK

We always want our solutions to be personalised to the needs of our partners. We made this possible through the development of an SDK, through which companies can integrate our tools into their own propositions. The SDK enables companies to leverage our technology while developing their own unique propositions.

Case study: Cashws app

One of our most representative solutions is the Cashws app, an app for personal finance which is fully based on the Bittiq technology. The app is highly engaging for users and combines a great overview over personal finance with actionable suggestions to improve the quality of their choices.

Co-creation & consultancy

Companies can benefit a lot from open-banking. It poses a unique opportunity to increase market share or to innovate with solutions that increase customer satisfaction. Yet, a major part of the industry is lagging behind in defining a customer-centric strategy to fully leverage open-banking. We help companies define and implement a strategy, offering the know-how that we develop based on our continuous interaction with the users.

Strategy & Advice

Bittiq as your partner in developing and implementing a full open-banking strategy

Strategy & Advice

Co-created propositions

We facilitate the creation of innovative customer-centric propositions

Co-created propositions

Customer interaction & feedback

We develop our solutions in a lean way, through continuous interaction with the end-user

Customer interaction & feedback

Case study: Facilitating open banking for a large insurance company

Bittiq facilitated the implementation of open-banking for a large insurance company, through a process of co-creation, design sprints and validation with users. Within five weeks we validated and developed the ‘Vrije Ruimte’ feature in the live app. This lean process enabled the insurance company to quickly define and deploy an open-banking strategy and provide meaningful service to their customers.

Case study: Facilitating open banking for a large insurance company

Back-office solutions: the invisible advantages of open banking

Open-banking is not only about what customers see. At Bittiq we also apply it to improve the efficiency and speed of business processes. From mortgages, to marketing, to credit acceptance - many areas can benefit from a data-based approach. The result is always lower costs of the process and more certainty for the users.

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