_We interviewed Sabarish a key member of the Bittiq Software Engineers team. Sabarish is an experienced Software developer in fintech with a Master at TU Eindhoven. His passion is creating financial management digital services using the latest cloud-native technology. Know more about Sabarish great job in this blogpost.

This interview is part of the Who is behind Bittiq? Blog series. We believe that our growth is only possible if we count on our winning team. Therefore, we want to proudly introduce who is moving Bittiq forward. In doing so, we hope to inspire more people to join us in our effort to re-shape the financial industry._

For those who don't know anything about Bittiq, how would you describe it in a nutshell?
For me, Bittiq is to get a better idea of your financial expenditure, it gives you an opportunity to manage your whole finance goals to enable you to save money. It is like your personal finance manager which can give you ideas on where you should better manage your money, or where you are overspending and keep track of your finances. Bittiq for me is also about the smart and caring colleagues I collaborate with.

Tell us more about your role and main goal at Bittiq?
At Bittiq, I am a software developer and my goal is to create a really good application that helps you to achieve a better management of your finance, and in doing so I am mainly focused on leveraging public cloud solutions and open banking technologies. We are working on PSD2 integrations to enable customers manage their finances across their bank accounts.

What inspired you to join Bittiq?
I came to know Bittiq via Darren, the CTO. And at that time I was also developing as a hobby an application for myself to better manage my expenses. One day we were both talking, then I showed him what I did with my small app and Darren told me that Bittiq was working on something quite similar. He immediately told me that it could be interesting for me to join, he invited me to meet the rest of the team and join them! That is how my journey at Bittiq started.
For me, it was cool to take a small hobby project which I was interested in and develop it into a real product with Bittiq. For sure, this is a very nice opportunity for myself. I am excited to do it for a real product used by many people. Bittiq is indeed, closely related with my own interests.

In your opinion, what is the most exciting and interesting part of the technology used by Bittiq?
For me as a developer, the most interesting part is using cloud-based solutions. For example, we are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our development and deployment. AWS managed services such as lambdas, SQS, SNS etc. allows us to accelerate in bringing new features to the customers with less overhead. Further, the interesting part is to explore all the available cloud-native solutions, leverage them, but also solving the associated challenges during development.
What I enjoy the most is to learn a lot in the way. A very cool thing at Bittiq is you are responsible for developing and also running a stable production environment for customers. You will be part of the whole life cycle of the product. Therefore, it is in a sense a broader role, we are not only developing the software as developers because we also need to think about how to deploy it, how to scale it and resolve issues arising in production.
We also have multiple customers, including enterprises, so it is also a matter of how fast we can deploy for them. We achieve this by leveraging cloud solutions which also makes it easier for a developer to get started.

Who would be a good match for the Bittiq team?
For developers, it is important that they are interested in solving problems, creating new features and also motivated to help other people to manage their finances. While they also enjoy programming and all the good software development practices, that would be a good match for Bittiq.
In a more personal side, a good match is one who can take ownership because we are developing a company, not only software. So, we would welcome someone who does his/her role with pleasure.
Also important is to work as a team, be a team player at all times. Be nice with the rest of the team. Another aspect is that they are interested in and willing to learn from the team. And of course, have fun in doing their job!

Outside Bittiq, what gives you energy?
Right now, I am very excited about my baby! I am looking forward to the birth date.
I also enjoy traveling. But what is something that always keeps me going on is to keep learning new things, develop further my skills. I am a very curious person, so I am always looking for new technologies to learn. And finally, I play badminton on the side.”

That was Sabarish! As you can tell, he is a driven developer who enjoys working in cloud-native technologies while keeping in mind how his work help others. This is the spirit we are looking for at Bittiq. We are really not just a bunch of highly-skilled people, but we are driven by making everyone make better decisions with their money everyday.

If you would like to work in the same team with Sabarish, come join us! You are welcome to reach out via Linkedin, Twitter or at jobs@bittiq.com