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Better user interaction in the open banking era

Bittiq creates smart technologies to provide meaningful interactions between companies and their users.

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Our solutions

Bittiq is the ideal partner for companies that want to transform the quality and frequency of interaction with their customers.

White label products

Our app helps users with their personal finance. It gives an automated overview of their expenses and offers actionable suggestions to optimise their costs.

Software solutions

Our software solutions offer a wide range of possibilities, such as data collection, categorisation of transactions and risk assessment.

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What is data anonymisation and why it’s relevant for your company

Fair data use and a transparent communication around it are crucial in order to maintain the trust of customers. It is not sufficient to merely comply with the existing legal framework, but rather it is necessary to communicate to the end users how their data is being...

Why financial incumbents are turning to fin-tech companies for open banking

The financial industry is betting on open banking as the enabler of meaningful customer interaction and new business models. Yet, as much as open banking is characterised by its opportunities, it also sparks profound challenges for incumbent companies. Requiring...

Why people don’t just need a categorisation of their expenses

When we first launched Bittiq we wanted to create a solution that could leverage open banking to help people get more control over personal finance. In fact, in the Netherlands, almost 50% of people feel they’re not in control over personal finance according to Nibud....

Why saving is so difficult and how can technology make it easier

It’s almost the end of the month can the account balance be already so low? Once in a while we all experience the feeling that things are not as we planned them. It seems to be a common feature of many long-term plans: they just don’t come naturally. Recent...

Bittiq in the top ten innovators of the Accenture Innovation Award

Accenture reveals the list of the top ten “Inspiring Innovators” in the category Finance of the Accenture Innovation Award. In the top ten picked by the jury there are: Agri-wallet, Attrace, BrightPensioen, Dyme, Buldr, Limitless, Pakkie, Ravelin, Safened and Bittiq....

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