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Accenture reveals the list of the top ten “Inspiring Innovators” in the category Finance of the Accenture Innovation Award. In the top ten picked by the jury there are: Agri-wallet, Attrace, BrightPensioen, Dyme, Buldr, Limitless, Pakkie, Ravelin, Safened and Bittiq.

Now the top ten companies will pitch at the semi-finals in front of a jury composed by financial industry experts. The next round will take place on the 4th of October in Rotterdam.

The Accenture Innovation Award 2018 is a year-round program aiming to create an extensive ecosystem to connect all innovators from different industries.

In the eyes of the organisers of the event, the financial industry is on the edge of a change that will have customer experience as its core: “We have entered a new era of finance. Innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence offer radical new opportunities, while new fintech concepts challenge the status quo and accelerate disruption. To be a startup that matters, innovators must improve customer experience while also protecting data and privacy. Innovations in finance, payment services and insurance have the power to transform the playing field entirely. To jump on the bandwagon, financial organizations will have to embrace innovative concepts and technologies to improve services and user experiences that will satisfy future consumers.”

We met Hamza Khan, founder Suburbia, a company that analyses market trends. In his opinion: “Open data 2.0 will be a big trend, which means making data not just open – but organized, accessible and understandable for everyone… so we can all make better decisions together”.

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