This month Ian, a young student of entrepreneurship and marketing, joined our team. It was an immediate click with the rest of the Bittiq and from the first day Ian has brought many fresh and innovative ideas to a company that has innovation deeply embedded in its DNA.
In this post we asked Ian to share some personal insights and we asked him what is his motivation to join Bittiq.

Well, to start, would you like to tell us more about yourself?
Hi, my name is Ian and I am 21 years young. I study Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam and currently I am in the third year of my studies. I would describe myself as someone who is eager to learn; I always want to find out why things are the way they are and I love to discover new things.
This is why travelling is a big passion of mine, it gives me a feeling of freedom. I never plan anything upfront when I am travelling. This way I can go wherever I want and I never know what is coming next. I force myself to get out of my comfort zone, which has led to great experiences, meeting nice people and learning a lot. While travelling I like to write down my experiences so I can relive the moment when reading it back later. Also, I am a huge lover of football, so I watch it regularly and play it myself.  
When you first heard about Bittiq what motivated you to join the team?
Bittiq connected very well with the study I am following and the interests I’ve got. Next to that, it operates in fintech, a branch I am interested in.
Since I was young I wanted to start my own company one day and I wanted to know everything about starting a business for myself. So when I had to look for a company for my internship Bittiq felt as the right choice if I wanted to get the most out of my internship, learning as much as possible. Because I would be part of a (relatively) small team, I knew that I would learn about all aspects of a startup. The company has a lot of expertise and know-how. I knew that if I would work with them, it would not only improve my marketing and communication skills, but it could also teach me a lot about startup life in general.
Besides this, there was a good connection between both sides and I felt very welcome when I came by the office: the company culture was something that spoke to me. So all in all everything fell in place and I was very excited to join the Bittiq team. 
Thanks, it was definitely so. But now that you’re on-board, how do you want to contribute at Bittiq?
First of all, I want to put my knowledge about marketing and communication into practice. I want to help Bittiq with developing the marketing and communication to the end consumers and to companies, putting my effort in branding the business. I think this is very important, because it is a way of identifying your company. I want to do this by making use of storytelling. I want the consumer to trust the brand and connect them emotionally to Bittiq by putting the story of/behind Bittiq more upfront.
How do you think the Bittiq proposition can re-shape the financial market?
Bittiq is a company which is jumping-in on the open banking revolution. PSD2 gives people the opportunity to be in control of their own banking data. They can now decide who and why will have their data. Bittiq knows how to offer propositions that benefit the consumers, so that they’re comfortable sharing their data. In turn, this creates relevant interaction between the consumer and companies. For example, we offer consumers a fully automated overview of their incomes and expenses, so that they don’t have to spend time on manually making an overview of their financial situation. I find that the consumer could be more central and with the arrival of open banking I think that will be the case in the near future.  
How’s it to work at a startup? Is it something you would recommend to other students or young graduates?
I like it a lot! I am part of a team that has much ambition. There is a lot going on in a startup and you see the company growing. It is really nice to be part of that growth. Learning new things every day and having the feeling that I am actually making a difference motivates me to do better every day. I would definitely recommend it. Before working here, I worked in a big company with a lot of employees. Here I’ve always had the feeling that I could be easily replaced, because you’re just a number in the system. Also there was not a real connection between me and my co-workers, because we didn’t know a lot about each other, so people just came to do their job. This demotivated me. Bittiq is very different. I said we’re a small team and I think this is one of the main benefits, because you are connected to everyone in the company. The connection between everyone is really what differentiates a startup from bigger companies. It gives you a good insight of all that is happening in the company. In a startup you get to know all the aspects of the company. If you want to know something or ask something, you can directly communicate with the person in question. In a sentence a startup offers you great opportunities to: learn a lot, be able to make a difference and meet new people.

We’re happy to hear the opinion of Ian and we are extremely pleased to welcome him as new member of the team.

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