Create an account

The first step towards leveraging open banking is to create a free account. This gives you instant access to our SDK documentation, the first step towards building your solution. This already enables you to experiment with new propositions using mock PSD2 data.

Note that Bittiq also offers white-label personal finance solutions, which allows you to quickly launch a new proposition without having to build anything. Please contact us if this fits your requirements.

Rapid prototyping with the mock SDK

Now that you have access to the mock SDK, you are able to use all of Bittiq’s functionality in an environment with mock transactions. This enables you to start developing solutions without needing any type of PSD2 connectivity. This enables you to rapidly prototype different customer journeys and already start with the UI design.

As shown in the figure below, the SDK consists of several distinct modules that can be applied individually, or in combination with others. The SDK documentation will guide you through the process of building your solution with the different modules.

The core services are the modules that in the end provide valuable insights to the end-user. They build on a fully modular PSD2 engine, that enables the retrieval and processing of transactions. Finally, there is an authentication layer that interacts with the PSD2 engine.

Hover your mouse over the modules to see how they provide value


Choose your modules à la carte

Once you have developed your prototype, the next step is getting access to the sandbox and production environments.

All you need to access a specific module is an API key. Since each module has a unique key, you can choose à la carte which modules you require to move your personal finance solution to production. For requesting the API keys, you can contact our SDK team and you will receive them the same day.

As soon as you receive the API key(s),  you get instant access to the sandbox and production environment. This means you can integrate sandbox data supplied by banks into your solution. Upon integrating an authorised PSD2 license, your solution can be pushed to the production environment and use live data. Bittiq offers an integrated PSD2 license that can be leveraged if required.

Testing and launch!

Once your sandbox and production environments are set up, you might do a final round of testing to make sure everything works and… that’s it! You are ready to launch your solution and help your users improve their financial lives. Your end-users can now connect their bank accounts within your customer journey and receive unique new value.

Of course you can add new modules to expand your solution whenever you want!

More information

For any questions please feel free to contact us!

A more detailed description of our platform is available here